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P & O Cruises is the UK’s premier cruise company.  We offer our passengers a second to none five-star service throughout our cruise fleet.  P & O Cruises has the trip which is tailor-made for you, whether you opt for a meander around the Mediterranean, a foray through the fjords or a cruise across the Caribbean.

With P & O you can expect luxury service during the day and haute cuisine table service and cocktails in the evening.  We specialise in luxurious living and our top quality service, coupled with our exciting destinations and day trips, promise a premier holiday experience for all members of the family.  Offering cruise destinations suitable for both couples and families, we arrange day trips at each of our port destinations to ensure our passengers have the best value and safest day trips.

Your dream holiday begins as soon as you step on board a P & O cruise ship.  Our friendly crew will do all they can to ensure your stay with us is both memorable and pleasurable.  Nothing is too much trouble for this team of professionals who offer courteous and friendly service throughout.

P & O is a long established UK company and our cruises are specifically geared to the British taste and lifestyle.  With P & O cruises you can experience the world whilst retaining the familiar home comforts we all enjoy.  Choose P & O for your cruise requirements today and look forward to your holiday of a lifetime.

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What to do before, during and after a cruise

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Going on a cruise is truly an unforgettable experience.  To make it even more memorable, make sure to do three things: check, do not check, and check again.

Before the cruise, check your tickets, passport and cash.  Check that you have the correct clothes.  Cruise ships, especially the major ones, are equipped with all sorts of entertainment facilities.  Bring elegant clothes to wear to dinner, sports attire for fun activities, casual clothes to walk around comfortably, and swimwear.

Check that you do not forget to pay the bills, finish work assignments, empty the fridge, and so on.  Make sure you are well prepared and ready to leave your home for a number of days.

While on a cruise, there are some things you should not check.  Turn off your computer and do not check work.  If you have to check emails, make sure it is not work related.  Do not check to see if everything back home is fine.  You should have settled everything before leaving.

After the cruise, check again.  Check all the pictures and video footage you have taken.  Post your pictures and let everybody know how much fun you had.

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Western Mediterranean Cruises

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When days get longer, thoughts turn to sunshine and to holidays.  Well, think no more and book a late   cruise deal to sail off into the sunset on a 14-night Mediterranean cruise in the middle of March.

An example of a March cruise itinerary sees the cruise ship embark from Southampton for a relaxing    3-day sail to Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, famed for the yet unfinished cathedral of Antonio Gaudi.  For the football fans a visit to the Nou Camp is a must while other highlights include the Ramblas, the cable car to the summit of Montjuic and, of course, the delicious local wines and tapas. 

The next port of call is Cannes with its film festival glamour.  Everything in Cannes is the epitome of chic from the stunning architecture of the hotels to the luxury brand boutiques and the million dollar yachts anchored in the harbour.  Take a stroll along the beach-front or through the Old Town and be prepared to be captivated.
The next destination on the itinerary is Rome, centre of one the world’s greatest ever empires and home to one of the biggest religions in the world.  Few places can rival the eternal city for history – from the ancients through to the Renaissance to modern times; it’s a city that needs more than the one day allocated to be truly appreciated. 

After a day chilling out at sea, the cruise ship stops at two Spanish cities – Palma in Majorca and Cartagena in the region of Murcia for gentle sightseeing and buying last minute souvenirs. The last stop is the rock of Gibraltar – known to the ancients as one of the Pillars of Hercules and considered to be the very edge of the known world.  Today it is more famous for its wonderful views across to Africa, and its resident monkeys.

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Why to go on a cruise

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Value for money

When it comes to going on holiday, going on a cruise gives you great value for money as you can expect to stay comfortably for around £93 a night and that includes both your room and any accompanying meals; although it is worth noting that the price changes depending on where you are going and the size of the ship.
Any extra activities, such as excursions or inland trips, will cost you more, but you would generally find this on most holidays.

On board facilities

Cruise liners come equipped with many facilities so that they can appeal to the needs of all their customers. All cruise liners have swimming pools, gyms and spas so that you can go for your morning jog without ever having to leave the ship, and then relax with a sensual massage.  A vast array of entertainment for all the family is available at the on board nightclub, from comedy shows to karaoke.


Booking plane tickets and arriving on time can be a hassle, but with a cruise, you are free from all of that, as cruises generally leave from local ports.  All you have to do is arrive on the day of departure with your luggage and tickets.

The locations come to you

Expect to visit many exotic locations on your cruise.  Generally calling in on at least three ports, you can choose to go inland, visit the local scenery and pick up some souvenirs, or just admire the breathtaking panoramas from the comfort of the ship’s deck.

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A cruise holiday is an affordable luxury

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One of the best things about choosing a cruise holiday is the value for money.  Also, before you even start your trip, you will have a good idea of how much the total cost will be.  Food, entertainment, accommodation and excursions are all included.  The only additional cost will be alcohol, onboard shopping – and any visits to the spa.  On this type of holiday, there are no hidden extras and the service will always be first class.

The facilities

You will never be bored on a cruise whether you are at sea or in a port.  This is the ultimate relaxation holiday and passengers can indulge themselves with any number of activities, ranging from a visit to the onboard spa for a deep massage or working out in the gym.  For children of all ages, there are swimming pools, cinemas, playgrounds, and organised games like soccer or netball.  Life at sea can be as organised or carefree as you wish; it is up to you to decide.

Travel destinations

A cruise will take you to destinations all over the world at an enjoyable, relaxing pace.  From exploring the Baltic, and stopping off at cities in Finland or Russia, to the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, the variety of locations is only limited by the time and money you want to spend.  Voyages range from short 3-day breaks up to the 6-month world tour.  The beauty of life on board is easy to see for anyone who has been a passenger.  Statistically, more people re-book than any other kind of holiday.

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Entertainment on a cruise

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There is a wide range of entertainment on offer aboard a cruise ship, with something for everyone to enjoy.

What is available?

In addition to the bars and restaurants, which provide delicious food and drink, cruise ships often feature a cinema showing the latest films.  For night-time entertainment, there may be a nightclub and a casino.  Various musical tastes are catered for and there is the opportunity to enjoy stand-up comedy.

Some specialist cruises cater for specific tastes, such as jazz music or bird watching.

Family entertainment

Cruises are immensely popular with families.  This is recognised by operators such as Carnival Cruises and P&O, who provide entertainment options for children, such as kids’ clubs.

Entertainment at ports 

Entertainment on a cruise is not confined to the ship, since there are many opportunities offered at ports.  On a Baltic cruise, there are opportunities to explore Scandinavian cities such as Stockholm and Copenhagen, as well as the historic Russian city of St. Petersburg.  Wherever a ship makes a stop, there is the prospect of visiting attractions such as art galleries and museums and sampling the local food and drink.

Cruise deals for 2013

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It is the time of year when many people dream of escaping to a warmer climate and start booking getaways to look forward to.  If the temptation is too much, then now is a good time to book cruises for the New Year, as a variety of operators are currently offering exceptional cruise deals for 2013.  A good place to start looking for your ideal trip is on comparison websites, which continue to gain popularity for their frank traveller reviews and ability to compare prices.

Blogs and comparison sites were launched with the specific intention of helping would-be cruisers find their perfect trip.  The sites allow users to compare itineraries and prices, see the views of former guests and view their photos.  By looking for the like-minded travellers, users are able to determine which ships they would like best and glean useful tips from those who have sailed on them. 

Once the perfect destination and ship has been chosen, most sites then have links to operators’ websites, where places can be booked, to make the process as easy as possible.  A range of last minute deals are still available for the beginning of 2013, including some impressive discounts, making that dream cruise closer than ever.

For those who have found their ideal holiday, but are wishing to travel later in 2013, early booking cruise deals are on offer now as well.  Websites have a range of discounts for cruises throughout the next 12 months, which offer great value for money.

Cruising in Asia

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Taking a cruise holiday to Asia is one of the pleasantest ways to experience a wide variety of different cultures in a relatively short time.  Asian countries are very diverse and will almost certainly have something to interest everyone.  Whether your dream is to visit the Great Wall of China or just to relax in the sunshine on a beach, a cruise to Asia should be able to make the dream come true.

The benefits of cruising

One of the foremost reasons why many people like to take cruises to Asia is to experience the culture; however sometimes it can also be good to know that there is a safe and familiar place waiting at the end of the day, and a cruise ship can offer that level of security.  This means that passengers are able to get off the ship to enjoy the sights of the docking location, and then hop back on board to enjoy the cruises nightlife or relax in their own cabin.

Most cruise ships will also have a very wide range of entertainment options to suit everybody’s needs, whether a family, solo traveller or elderly passenger.  Large cruise ships will often have their own pools, shopping centres, restaurants and clubs.

Booking cruises 2013

People who want to book cruises 2013 should start looking now to avoid disappointment and to get the best price possible.  Most cruise trips can be booked over the internet or through a travel agency.  There are plenty of really good cruise offers to find from both of these options. 

Taking an Antarctic cruise in 2013

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Antarctica is one of the most spectacular and breath-taking locations on the planet.  Not many people have the chance to see this region, which certainly makes it the perfect place for those who have a sense of adventure.  Apart from the massive glaciers and icebergs, one of the main tourist draws to Antarctica is the wildlife.  Passengers will almost certainly be able to see sea lions, penguins, albatross and whales.  This may come as a surprise to some people but there is plenty to do on a cruise in Antarctica even though there are very few ports.

Antarctic cruises will almost always host a number of on board lecturers and will hold seminars where passengers can learn about the continent and why it is so special.  Most cruises will also have sightseeing excursions.  For this reason cruises to Antarctica are usually boarded by people who have an active interest in science and nature.

Booking an Antarctic cruise

Cruises in Antarctica can book up very quickly due to the small number of companies that offer passages to the region.  For this reason it is recommended that people book as early as they can in order to avoid disappointment.  Antarctic cruises can be booked over the internet from sites like Imagine Cruising, which can be a convenient option as prospective holiday makers can see pictures of the locations in their own homes and decide if the trip will suit their specific needs.  Travel agents can also help people to book Antarctic cruises and can offer valuable advice to customers.

Tips on shore excursions

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If you have managed to find a selection of cheap cruises then you may be able to take advantage of a few more shore excursions.  These excursions can add a lot to the enjoyment of your cruise.

It is easy enough to prepare for some shore excursions if you know ahead of time what you want to do.  Snorkelling, for example, requires basic equipment and a little experience.  If you want to do basic offshore snorkelling, bring your own gear, hop in a taxi and head to a location where you can snorkel for as long as you want.

You can then put these savings towards other excursions, such as archeological sites and other attractions in the city you are visiting.  Another popular type of excursion that can be found in most places is a boat trip.  Although they can be rather pricey, they often include food and drink, and are the highlight of many trips.  If your ship is docked in port for an entire day, this is the time to do your own thing.