Do expats embrace the culture of their new country?

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Thousands of Brits each year leave their life behind in the UK to start a new one in another country, but do expats embrace the culture of their new country? A new study suggests that many British expats opt a live a British lifestyle abroad rather than embrace the culture of their new country.

The new research, conducted by a visa application website has found that the majority of Brits prefer to live a similar life to the one they had in the UK. A staggering 35% of respondents said that they are happy to live the British lifestyle in a foreign country, while 44% said that they could do better to embrace the local culture of their new residence.

The poll asked “From the following options, which do you think best describes how much you’ve embraced the culture of the country that you now live in?”, here are the responses:

•    Completely – 11%
•    Mostly – 17%
•    Partially – 34%
•    Not really – 38%

The study also asked, “What elements of your new life do you think that you’ve embraced the most?” and found that food was top of the list with 32%, followed by making new friends (28%) and learning the language (21%).

For those who didn’t really embrace the foreign lifestyle, the study found that 36% only watch British TV and that 51% were following a better wage rather than any other lifestyle choice or retirement.

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