Would you give up your career to live abroad?

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It appears so, after a new survey was released by a renowned visa help website in the UK. The poll asked a selection of participants whether they would be willing to take an unskilled job to secure a work visa abroad, to which 35% said they would. Only 20% said that they would consider a job abroad if the move was a ‘career step up’.

The survey also asked respondents why they would consider taking an unskilled job to move abroad, with 41% saying that the life experience would be worthwhile. 33% said that the lifestyle appealed to them and 24% acknowledged that life wasn’t all about career progression.

This news comes after another survey found that January was the busiest time of year for people to emigrate. A new year, a new life and January blues were all listed as reasons for the increased emigration.

Would you give up your career for a life abroad? Leave your comments below.

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