Madeira for couples and singles

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There may come a time in life when you have to holiday alone and it is a great “bone of contention” that a single traveller has to pay a supplement to the travel company because they are not sharing a room with someone. Obviously tour companies book a number of rooms in hotels and set their prices accordingly, so when a person ask for a room on their own, often the company will charge a huge supplement, often this can be the price two people would pay.

Now the way that most hotels work both here in the UK and more often in Europe is to charge for the room, irrespective of how many people are occupying it. With this in mind, if you are a single traveller you will find that there are companies that will cater for singles and the prices are usually competitive.

An example is a trip to Madeira which is one of Europe’s most beautiful travel locations with many thousands of tourists returning year after year. This Portuguese Island is an all year round summer climate and wonderful fauna and flora and is also virtually crime free and one of the safest holiday destinations in the world, surely an ideal place for a single to holiday. From wonderful parks and gardens with exotic flowers to seascapes with blue ocean and towering cliffs to rustic villages in quiet valleys breathtaking scenery and mountains which are more that the height of those found in Scotland for example.

One of the pleasures of an island holiday is that the ocean is never too far away! Spend your days exploring the coastline of majestic cliffs, a trip to pebbled beaches and beautiful rock pools, Porto Santo offers miles of golden beaches and all round Madeira is blessed with an almost perfect climate, you are sure to return.

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