Some tips for older travellers

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We are an ageing population, but that does not mean that we do not like to go away to our favourite holiday destinations, the reverse in fact as our elderly population now has more disposable income than our predecessors.

If you have decided that you want to take an elderly relative on holiday or maybe helping them to book one, please remember to make sure you know its position and its suitability for elderly holidaymakers. Access is important, high floors and hill climbs can be a problem, also avoid noisy locations, they are not going to enjoy it if it is near to loud bars and clubs. If mobility is an issue, does it have wheelchair access? Check with the online travel site and get this information.

UK airports are required to offer assistance to passengers with reduced mobility, by that we mean not just disabled people, but anyone that has difficulty walking. This raises the travel to and from the airport, if you are driving to the airport, then consider booking a meet and greet parking facility. This is ideal for elderly people all you do is simply drive right up to the airport terminal, meet your driver and go straight through into the airport to check-in avoiding the hassle of the need to park your own car. On your return from holiday, you will be met by your driver with your vehicle in the same place you left it and ready to drive home.

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