Would you give up your career to live abroad?

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It appears so, after a new survey was released by a renowned visa help website in the UK. The poll asked a selection of participants whether they would be willing to take an unskilled job to secure a work visa abroad, to which 35% said they would. Only 20% said that they would consider a job abroad if the move was a ‘career step up’.

The survey also asked respondents why they would consider taking an unskilled job to move abroad, with 41% saying that the life experience would be worthwhile. 33% said that the lifestyle appealed to them and 24% acknowledged that life wasn’t all about career progression.

This news comes after another survey found that January was the busiest time of year for people to emigrate. A new year, a new life and January blues were all listed as reasons for the increased emigration.

Would you give up your career for a life abroad? Leave your comments below.

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Visa charges for UK citizens travelling outside of Europe

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As most of you will now be aware of, from April 2014 all visitors travelling to Turkey will have to purchase their visa online before they travel, but what about other countries visas? Airport Parking and Hotels (APH.com) has you covered.

APH has compiled a comprehensive table comparing visa regulations and prices for UK Citizens travelling outside of Europe. This handy guide also tells you how to apply for the visa, period it is valid for and an estimated processing time. The list contains 14 countries from outside Europe including Australia, China and Cuba, as well as India and Kenya.

The list shows a huge difference between the cost of a single entry tourist visa and the processing times throughout the world. For example, visitors traveling to Cambodia will only have to pay £12.25 for their tourist visa, where those travelling to Tanzania will have to pay more than double (£31). Processing times also differ substantially ranging from being available instantly to taking over a month to process.

Travellers are urged to be aware of the documents needed and processing time of their chosen visas to avoid disappointment. Those who are still unsure should ask for help at a visa application website. Companies such as IXP Visas are renowned for making the visa application process quick and stress free.

You can also go to your local foreign embassy to ask for advice for your travel visa; they will usually be able to start the application process there as long as you have the correct paperwork.

Do expats embrace the culture of their new country?

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Thousands of Brits each year leave their life behind in the UK to start a new one in another country, but do expats embrace the culture of their new country? A new study suggests that many British expats opt a live a British lifestyle abroad rather than embrace the culture of their new country.

The new research, conducted by a visa application website has found that the majority of Brits prefer to live a similar life to the one they had in the UK. A staggering 35% of respondents said that they are happy to live the British lifestyle in a foreign country, while 44% said that they could do better to embrace the local culture of their new residence.

The poll asked “From the following options, which do you think best describes how much you’ve embraced the culture of the country that you now live in?”, here are the responses:

•    Completely – 11%
•    Mostly – 17%
•    Partially – 34%
•    Not really – 38%

The study also asked, “What elements of your new life do you think that you’ve embraced the most?” and found that food was top of the list with 32%, followed by making new friends (28%) and learning the language (21%).

For those who didn’t really embrace the foreign lifestyle, the study found that 36% only watch British TV and that 51% were following a better wage rather than any other lifestyle choice or retirement.

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Weird visa application questions revealed

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Most countries around the world require some sort of visa to authorise an individual to enter or leave the country, many of which involve filling out a form with a bunch of questions.

A study by visa advice website IXPVisas.com has highlighted the top ten weird questions found on visa application forms or asked by authorities, some of them you won’t believe:

1.    Describe your moustache/beard – found on a Mexican visa form.
2.    Have you been to a farm in the past six weeks? – found on the Australian visa form.
3.    How many wives do you intend to bring? – found on a Middle Eastern visa form.
4.    What side of the bed does your wife sleep on? – A question asked by US authorities.
5.    Reasons for visiting? – found on a Chinese visa form (one of the options was ‘visit’).
6.    State your religion – found on an Indian visa form (there is not an option for ‘none’, instead you have to tick ‘other’ then write none.
7.    Foreigners please sing in the box – typo seen on a Mexican visa form.
8.    In times of either peace or war has the applicant ever been involved, or suspected of involvement, in war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide? – Applicant was asked question by UK authorities.
9.    Has the applicant ever been involved in, supported or encouraged terrorist activities in any country? – found on both British and US visa forms.
10.    Name three things about… – potential students are asked this to make sure that they are knowledgeable about the subject they plan to study abroad.

Do you have any weird and wonderful questions that you have been asked when applying for your visa? Let us know below.

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