Turkey may surprise you

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Turkey is not all about kebabs and men with moustaches selling carpets; it is a very historic land with lots of culture and scenery. Naturally for many holiday makers, the beach is the attraction and Turkey is not short of those, but it has mountains cities and ancient architecture too.

For the beach lovers perhaps Lara is the place which is in the district of Antalya; Lara is lively and has been described as the Las Vegas of Turkey for clubbers. But it is for one of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey curving elegantly into the Gulf of Antalya that many come here for. It cannot be denied that the beach is rather “trendy” just asking for you to stretch out beneath the glorious sun and splash in the inviting cool and shallow waters. With plenty of beach bars and cafes for you to retreat when the mid-day sun suggest you should be having a snack and a cooling drink, it is in these where you will find cuisine of all tastes be it Turkish or European, is all catered for.

But there is much more than beaches in Turkey, you will find that Turkish culture embraces dance, opera, cinema and music, in most of the bars and restaurants you can be treated to an evening of jazz from the rooftops whist enjoying a few beers. In Istanbul you can take in the atmosphere of the markets, bars and shops, perhaps the historic sites on the Aegean coast are more attractive, you can see the ruins of Troy here and the Black Sea is the place if you want to be away from the usual tourist attractions, enjoy the wild even adventurous feeling of this area.

Looking for glorious sunshine, you will get it in Turkey right through from March into November, Turkey will surprise you have no doubt.

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