Visa charges for UK citizens travelling outside of Europe

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As most of you will now be aware of, from April 2014 all visitors travelling to Turkey will have to purchase their visa online before they travel, but what about other countries visas? Airport Parking and Hotels ( has you covered.

APH has compiled a comprehensive table comparing visa regulations and prices for UK Citizens travelling outside of Europe. This handy guide also tells you how to apply for the visa, period it is valid for and an estimated processing time. The list contains 14 countries from outside Europe including Australia, China and Cuba, as well as India and Kenya.

The list shows a huge difference between the cost of a single entry tourist visa and the processing times throughout the world. For example, visitors traveling to Cambodia will only have to pay £12.25 for their tourist visa, where those travelling to Tanzania will have to pay more than double (£31). Processing times also differ substantially ranging from being available instantly to taking over a month to process.

Travellers are urged to be aware of the documents needed and processing time of their chosen visas to avoid disappointment. Those who are still unsure should ask for help at a visa application website. Companies such as IXP Visas are renowned for making the visa application process quick and stress free.

You can also go to your local foreign embassy to ask for advice for your travel visa; they will usually be able to start the application process there as long as you have the correct paperwork.

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